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Landforms is the sound collective of Gillis Van der

Wee and Lotte Nijsten. Together they create radio documentaries, sound walks, sound compositions, and transdisciplinary performances that approach the fragile relationship between humans and (micro)landscapes from the perspective of Acoustic Ecology and Sound Studies.


Landforms' artistic research is currently centered around interspecies listening and sonic intimacy, by investigating how a sense of interconnectedness can be forged through the ear. 


Lotte and Gillis' works are featured on radio stations, festivals, museums, and theaters, and were selected for multiple awards, including: Best radiofiction (Prix Europa, 2020), Prix Découvert (Phonurgia Nova, 2022), Best sound composition (Week van de Klank, 2022), Best music composition (Bozart, 2018)  .

Lotte Nijsten (1994°) is a sound artist, documentarist and field recordist. She earned a master's degree in Language and Literature from the VUB and graduated as a radio producer from RITCS in 2020. She is a board member of Klankverbond, the Flemish professional association for audio makers.

Gillis Van der Wee (1992°) is a foley artist, sound designer, and sound artist, specialized in field recording. He earned a degree in Sociology from the KULeuven and graduated as a sound designer from RITCS.  Apart from his own artistic practice, he also works as a sound designer and foley artist for film, radio and theatre. 

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