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Booreiland is a transdisciplinary performance that outlines the tension between the deep-rooted belief in an endless economic growth and its consequences on the North Sea's ecosystems.


Through the use of audio documentary, text, image, field recordings, field notes and live sound compositions, Lotte and Gillis create an intimate portrait of the relationship between humans and the sea. 


What are the sounds of the North Sea disclosing to us? What kind of wisdom do they posses? How do we relate to the sea? What do we desire from her and what are we giving back in return? 


"De soundscapes zijn niet zomaar rekwisieten om sfeer te scheppen. Ze treden naar voren als volwaardige performers" - pzazz 

"Sound is an immersive element. It provides a very active way of experiencing the world. It's time-based and slow (...)" - different class

By: Lotte Nijsten & Gillis Van der Wee

Dramaturgy: Stijn Demeulenaere & Christophe Aussems 

Sound composition: Thomas Van Walle, Gillis Van der Wee 

Scenography: Fleur Roggeman

Technical: Seppe Brouckaert, Jamy Hollebeke

Visuals: Lars Hiele

Subtitles: Viktor Thys

Set photography: Cato Beljaars

Trailer: Michiel Venmans 

Production: Het Nieuwstedelijk

Co-production: De Grote Post

Residencies: Cas-Co, Musica, Maakleerplek, De Nieuwe Zaal, OPEK

Tour:TAZ (preview), De Nieuwe Zaal, Oortredersfestival, GC Kontakt, De Grote Post, CCHA, 30CC, PILAR

Partners: VLIZ (BE), NIOZ (NL)

With the support of: the flemish government & SABAM for Culture

Special thanks to: the team of ONE-Dyas, Joop Coolen, Lea Kornau, Karlijn Doorenspleet, Catherina Coral, Jan Reubens, Adriaan Van Aken

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