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field recordings


Metsjö (SWE) - nightforest

Crane call in a remote forest by night, near Metsjö, West-Sweden. The loud reverberation is in sharp contrast with the quiet environment, and the lack of noise pollution, (2023)

Q16 Maas (NL) - machine rythms

A recording of rhythmic air releases of an industrial compressor. The air hisses resemble a natural breathing mechanism, Q16 Maas near Rotterdam, (2022). 

Q16 Maas (NL) - seagulls nesting

Q16 Maas is a gas production platform near Rotterdam. Each spring, seagulls settle on the platform to build their nests and hatch their eggs. For the seagulls, the site remains a familiair breeding ground. We can hear how their calls reflect and bounce back from the industrial structures on the plant, (2022). 

Vassbovik (SWE) - moss 

A recording of moss manipulations during an unusually stormy and rainy summer in West-Sweden, (2023).

Bretagne (FR) - sea tide shells

A recording of the shore in Bretagne at high tide. The empty shells are filled with water as the waves pull back and forth, (2021). 

BXL Midi (BE) - underground tunnel

Recording of passing metro trains from the perspective of an empty underground tunnel in metro station Bruxelles Midi, (2021)

Mousa (UK) - birds nesting

Mousa is a remote island near Scotland. Its only inhabitants are several bird species, like the Storm Petrel and the sea snipe. Mousa is known as an important breeding ground for sea birds, (2022).

Lerwick (UK) - pier at night

The nightly atmosphere of a remote pier near Lerwick, the capital of the Shetland islands. The islands are famous for their marine biodiversity and fishing communities. We can hear a baby sea otter cry beneath the surface, (2022).

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