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liquid polyphonies

liqud polyphonies

~ Liquid Polyphonies is a sound composition that invites the listener on an acoustic journey throughout the polyphonic soundscape of the North Sea.


By utilizing sounds recorded during a field research in the European parts of the North Sea (2022), Lotte and Gillis create an electro-acoustic composition where marine life, technology, industry and science are seemingly entangled.

Creating this piece, Lotte and Gillis reflected on the epistemological possibilities of sound, and their own position in the field as recordists: 'what can sounds tell us about the socio-economic and ecological contexts of damaged landscapes? And what role are we taking on as field recordists? 

Liquid Polyphonies is part of the residency program of Phonurgia Nova (FR). Lotte and Gillis are currently working on a preview for the sound festival 'Everybody Hertz' (2024), curated by Jeroen Vandesande. In september 2024 they will finalize Liquid Polyphonies at the GMEM studios in Marseille (FR). 

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