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Beneath the surface of the city lies a world of hidden sounds. Transformed and shaped by the inner structures of the city, these sounds are the echo’s of urban life. If we listen carefully, we can hear the rhythms and flows of the city resonating through the acoustic spaces of the underground.


Obscuur is a collection of sound poems that reflects on the urban underground and the practice of sonic awareness and architectural listening.

Winner of the Prix Découvert Pierre Schaeffer 2022 (Phonurgia Nova)




By ~ Lotte Nijsten & Gillis Van Der Wee Production ~  ACSR

Dramaturgy ~ Lucas Derycke

Translation ~ Katelijne De Vuyst

With the support of ~ the Flemish government, FACR, MIVB/STIB

Special thanks to ~ Thierry Ringoet, Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer, BESIX, 


11.2021 ACSR @Recyclart (BE)

12.2021 ~ Radiola

07.2022 ~ Les Heures Sauvages (FR) 

02.2023 ~ Par-Ouïe Dire (BE)

03.2023 ~ Festival Ecoute (FR)

06.2023 ~ Festival d'histoire de l'art (FR)

08.2023 ~ Musée Réattu (FR)

08.2024 ~ Nuit de la Scam Lussas (FR)

09.2024 ~ Nuit de la Scam Paris (FR)

02.2025 ~ Longueur D'ondes (FR)

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