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Two feet, two ears  

two feet two ears

~ Two feet, two ears is a site-specific installation at the intersection of art, architecture and walking in and around the CC Westrand building in Dilbeek (BE). Lotte and Gillis were inspired by the central ideas that lie at the heart of the buildings design: the cultural centre as an extension of public life and nature, an open, spacious landscape for walking, listening, sitting down and meeting up with friends and strangers. 

Two feet, two ears is a twelve channel sound installation that invites visitors to a walk throughout the architectural design of Alfons Hoppenbrouwers’ CC Westrand in Dilbeek. The composition uses natural sound textures like sand, water and wind. The speakers were constructed in simple materials such as concrete and wood, as a hommage to the brutalist design of the building.

The footsteps of the visitors, the soundscape, and the architectural design merge into a polyrhythmic dialogue. As such, the installation encourages an ongoing rethinking and rewriting of the building. 

Technical support: Jeroen Vandesande

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